Buenas tardes, Familia!

I hope you are all doing well. It has been a great week here in Aeropuerto, and we have had some fun adventures this week. I hope things are going well back home, and I am very excited to be seeing your faces this Sunday. Elder Cuellar and I are doing great, and Aeropuerto is honestly the best. I couldn’t be happier here.

Here are my highlights of the week:

Typical P-Day

Monday was the first day for me and Elder Cuellar to be together, and we spent it doing some pretty basic stuff for our P-day. We first played soccer with some of the elders in the morning, and then, after showering and changing, we went to the market to find some new dress shoes for Elder Cuellar. We spent a few hours getting around the market and then spent that night teaching a few lessons.


Tuesday and Wednesday, we did a bunch of walking because we are focusing a lot right now on finding new investigators to teach. We are trying to use Old Investigator forms and referrals to find more people, and we have been having some success with that. Tuesday and Wednesday were just full hard work days, and we are being very diligent in the work.

Travel to Trujillo and Leadership Council

Wednesday night at about 10:30 p.m., we got on a bus that took us down to Trujillo. The bus was fairly nice, and I was actually able to sleep a little bit on the way down. We got to Trujillo at about 4:30 a.m. and took a taxi to the secretaries’ room to sleep for another hour or two. We woke up at 6:30 a.m., showered, got dressed, and went over to the Primavera chapel to have our leadership council. I can’t even tell you how weird it was walking back into the offices, walking around that church, and being back in the Trujillo air. It feels like the time that I was in Trujillo was years ago, and it was really nostalgic. We had our leadership council, and that went really well. President Marble has done a great job at making the leadership council truly a council, and there was lots of discussion about various topics and issues that are happening in the mission right now. I feel now that I can contribute more as a zone leader than I could as assistant, and I am enjoying taking part in the leadership of the mission. After the council meeting, we ate Papa John’s and got to catch up with the other missionaries there. Being in Cajamarca, we don’t really see anyone in Trujillo, so it was fun to catch up and see how people are doing.

Interchange with the Assistants and Visiting Old Areas

After the leadership council, we had an interchange with the assistants, and I got to remember old times with Elder Nuñez walking around Primavera. Elder Nuñez and I got to spend the afternoon and evening together proselyting once again in our area, and it was great. We got to visit Carlos Ramos, and it was super fun to see him. He is doing well, and the elders are actually teaching his son now, and he is progressing well. It was fun to just walk the old streets I used to be on every single day and see old faces as well. I kind of feel like an old man who looks back on his life and visits places from his childhood and gets all nostalgic. It’s one of those kinds of things. That night, we got to hang out with the secretaries as well, and I got to remember what it was like living together with three other guys (in other words: dirty).

Traveling Back to Cajamarca and Family Home Evening

Friday morning, we had our studies with the assistants, and then got on a bus to come back to Cajamarca. We rode on an Emtrafesa bus, and it was actually pretty nice. We left at 12:00 p.m. and got to Cajamarca at about 8:00 p.m., so it was kind of a long ride. The ride went pretty smoothly, but the only mistake we made was not eating lunch before we got on, so we got to Cajamarca without having eaten any lunch, and we were pretty hungry. That night we had a family home evening with the Alvarez Abanto family which was great.

Stake Conference and Peruvian Choirs

Sunday, we had our stake conference, and it was really great. There were some great talks from some of the stake leaders, and I think it was exactly what the members here needed to hear. The only critique of the stake conference was probably the choir. They actually looked really great with matching ties and scarfs, but let’s just say it wasn’t the most in-tune choir I’ve ever heard. After the stake conference, we had lunch with the whole family again, and then spent the afternoon proselyting. That night, a sister from the ward asked us to go give her a blessing. We went and gave her the blessing, but after giving it, Elder Cuellar and I both felt that she needed to go to the hospital. None of her family was there, and she didn’t have anyone to call, so we decided it would be best to just take her. We took her and got her checked in, and then a few minutes later her brother-in-law showed up. It was good we took her, because she had a fever of 104 degrees, and it was pretty scary. Today, we talked to her son, and he told us that the doctors found out she had bronchopneumonia, so it was good we took her to the hospital.

Overall, that was our week, and it was a pretty good one. It was fun going to Trujillo, and it was fun being able to see people that I care about. In the Book of Mormon this week, I made it through to 2 Nephi chapter 9.  I learned so much from Nephi’s faith, and from the power God has to work miracles in our lives when we put our full trust in him. I strive to have that same faith so that the Lord can work miracles here in Aeropuerto.

I love you all,

Elder Carman

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