Hello, Fam.

Yet another week down here in Aeropuerto, and things are going great. We (Kevin and I) are doing great, and time seems to fly faster and faster each day. I’ve noticed these days that I have become pretty Peruvian, and I feel like I’m just another one of the people here.

Here are my highlights of the week:

Haircuts, Banana Splits, and Uno

Last Monday, we had a pretty mellow P-day. We played soccer in the morning, and I was pretty much the Lionel Messi of the group because of all the goals I made. Just kidding. After we went and got haircuts, and I think haircuts are pretty funny here because they are super cheap but they do a good job. When I say cheap, I’m talking about 3.50 sol, which is a little over US$1. After getting haircuts, we went and ate lunch, and then wrote the fam. We finished off the day with a nice comp-bonding-time sharing a banana split while playing Uno in the mall. That night, we had a family home evening with the Bringas family, and we played a game called The Eternal Plan, which is pretty much a church board game with questions from the scriptures and stuff like that. It was about as exciting as it gets in the missionary life.

Interviews with President Mable and Interchanges

On Tuesday, President and Sister Marble got to Cajamarca, and we had our interviews that afternoon. After our interviews, we had an interchange with the elders from Cajamarca, and I spent the day with Elder Rojas. We had a great day together, and it was fun to teach a few lessons with him. Elder Rojas is from Chile, and we are ending the mission together, which has helped us to become pretty good friends.

Washing Dogs and Preparing for Zone Conference

Wednesday morning, we were still on our interchange with Cajamarca, and we went and did a service to wash the dogs of some members. It reminded me of all those times that we washed Lucy and she would freak out when we put her in the sink. Good times! That afternoon, we did a few things to get ready for the zone conference the next day and then taught a few lessons that night.

Zone Conference

Thursday was a pretty long day. We had the zone conference, and to make sure everything was ready, we were there at the chapel at about 7 a.m. and got everything ready for the conference. Once we started, it was great to hear some of President Marble’s thoughts, and I really learned a lot. Elder Cuellar and I also gave a training about how to teach our investigators to pray. After we had lunch as a zone and then left. But we didn’t end up getting out of the chapel until about 3:30 p.m., which was a long time to be stuck in the church.

“Free Lemonade from the Elders”

Friday, we had an awesome morning and got to do something pretty fun. We had been thinking in our weekly planning of new things we could do to contact people, and we came up with a killer idea. So Friday morning, we got a 20 gallon jug and filled it with water, lemons, and sugar and made a whole bunch of lemonade. Then, we went over to a popular park in our area with a table, a bunch of contact cards and pamphlets, and a big board that said “Free Lemonade from the Elders,” then we just sat and waited, and we actually had a bunch of people that came to drink lemonade. I think we talked to over 150 people and got over 30 people’s names and addresses that live in our area and wanted us to visit them. It was definitely a success.

Quick History of Church in Peru

Sunday, we had another great sabbath day, and we had some great meetings at church. In Gospel Principles, the lesson was on baptism, and that was great for our investigators to hear. After in the third hour, it was all combined, and they talked about the history of the church in Peru, and it was actually really cool. The church is actually really new here, and the first branch and first missionaries appeared in Peru in 1956. That means that the church has only 61 years in Peru, but because of missionary work, it has grown to thousands and thousands of people.

Overall those were the highlights of my week, and because of all the busyness, it went superfast. I can’t believe that everyone is getting out of school this week, I remember that being the most exciting time of the year.

I love you all so much!

Elder Carman

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